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Fürstenweg Doha Foundation

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Pursue Your Passion

At our core, we're dedicated to fostering an all-inclusive and dynamic work environment, whether you're at the office or your own space. Our company perks are designed to enrich your work life and personal life. We organize frequent social gatherings, post-work hangouts, and engaging recreational activities.

Let's Revolutionize the Art World Together. We harness the essence of museums, galleries, artists, and collectors, converting it into something meaningful they can share globally. Every endeavor we undertake adds reliability to the art business, freeing our clients to pursue their passions.

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Employee Privileges

Time Off & Flexibility: Revel in 35 days off (inclusive of bank holidays) plus an additional day for each year of service. Our approach to work location and hours is equally flexible.

Continuous Learning: We're committed to equipping you with the training and online courses essential for your professional growth.

Transport Support: Whether it's the train or a trusty bicycle, we're here to assist with a season ticket loan or the cycle-to-work initiative (available in Salzburg & Vienna).


Nurturing Your Passion: Careers at the Intersection of Business Administration & Fine Art

Embark on a journey with us, where a fulfilling career in art awaits, accompanied by the freedom to express your creativity independently. Here, you'll find a haven for artistic souls and those who relish collaborating with kindred spirits.
If you're drawn to the canvas or inspired by the world of creatives, you're destined to thrive in an art-focused career here. For those steeped in art history, armed with a master's degree, your disciplined dedication to the creative process shines. Your deep, reflective thinking shapes artworks that resonate with your core beliefs. And, if your curiosity extends to marketing and sales, you're the perfect fit for us.
Join our team and be part of a collective journey where your passion finds its canvas and your career flourishes in tandem with your creative spirit.

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for Professionals

Opportunities for Professionals
Your Expertise:
Effective Communication: Your ability to communicate visually and verbally sets you apart. This skill is crucial for articulating ideas and collaborating with fellow creatives and discerning individuals.
Organizational Proficiency: Behind your multifaceted persona lies strong organizational skills. They come into play when strategizing future partnerships with museums, art collectors, and fine art connoisseurs. You excel in assessing client needs and driving complex solutions.
Advocating Collaboration: You understand the transformative power of collaboration, blending diverse skills to achieve remarkable outcomes. Collaboration is integral to nurturing ideas and translating them into impactful concepts.

for Students

Your Capabilities:
Effective Communication: Your proficiency in visual and verbal communication stands out. This skill proves essential in conveying ideas and collaborating with fellow creatives and those who demand discernment.
Organizational Skills: Beneath your versatile demeanor, organizational capabilities shine. These skills manifest when laying the groundwork for future engagements with museums, art collectors, and connoisseurs of fine art. You adeptly analyze client needs and initiate intricate solutions.
Championing Collaboration: Collaboration acts as a catalyst for personal growth, amalgamating diverse skills for exceptional outcomes. Recognizing the significance of collaboration, you're attuned to its role in nurturing ideas and transforming them into tangible concepts.

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