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Fürstenweg Doha Foundation

Fürstenweg Doha Foundation

Unveiling Our Journey
In the pivotal year of 2023, our enterprising journey takes form, meticulously crafted by eight visionary shareholders representing four nations. From the intricate weave of their insights into rare assets, nuanced understanding of the art market, and adeptness in weaving global networks and prosperity, our venture comes to life. Yet, it is in this simplicity that our essence resides. A harmonious symphony, where each participant's unwavering commitment contributes to a tapestry where wealth finds its place, distinct from the clutches of greed. In this realm, opportunities unfurl – for you as a valued customer, as a proactive participant, and as a collaborative partner. Here, the spirit of unity and the thrill of possibilities reign, forging a journey that resonates with joy and promise.


Finding Scarce Art

Our team scours the creative landscape to unearth distinguished artists boasting proven records and investment potential.

Acquiring Art with Precision

We orchestrate the acquisition of thoughtfully curated artworks, ensuring transparency in pricing and authenticity in every transaction.

Maximizing Potential Returns

Adapting to market dynamics, we empower investors to consider selling their art pieces, while streamlining the sales process for enhanced liquidity and the best possible returns.


Enhancing Investment Horizons

Art investment offers a unique avenue for diversification, extending your portfolio beyond conventional assets such as stocks and bonds. With its distinct position, art boasts a minimal correlation to traditional financial markets, translating to an independent value trajectory.

Fürstenweg Doha Foundation | Leadership

Oliver Fuchs

Fürstenweg Doha Foundation | Oliver Fuchs


+43/(0) 660 162 30 90

Ing. Reinhard Fuchs

Fürstenweg Doha Foundation | Reinhard Fuchs

Consultant Fine Art

+43/(0) 664 459 41 56

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