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Fürstenweg Doha Foundation


Combining business administration & fine art investment, our firm welcomes art and design graduates equipped with marketing and business acumen for dynamic art-related career opportunities. Our environment offers both autonomy and creative expression. If you possess a passion for art creation, artistic collaboration, and a deep, reflective approach, you're a candidate with potential. An art history background with a master’s degree, paired with your disciplined work ethic and keen interest in marketing & sales, aligns seamlessly with our requirements.

Your Proficiencies:

  1. Visual Communication: Skillful in both visual and verbal communication, pivotal for effective collaboration with fellow creatives and discerning stakeholders.

  2. Organizational Aptitude: Your intricate persona houses exceptional organizational skills, pivotal in strategizing our interactions with art museums, collectors, and enthusiasts. Your knack for understanding client needs and implementing intricate solutions adds depth to your prowess.

  3. Collaborative Essence: You recognize the growth potential in collaboration, harnessing diverse skills to yield exceptional results. Your appreciation for collaborative efforts in nurturing ideas and translating concepts into reality enhances your contribution.

Join us in shaping the convergence of art, business, and innovation.


Strategic Partnership

MaanaQi Water Technology
THE ART HUB - starting 2024
Women in Art Volume 1

Preserving Wealth Through
Fine Art Investment

For Long Term Sustainable Returns

Your Fine Art Investment,
Our Expertise

Fine qrt investment entails strategically directing funds towards acquiring artworks with the aim of generating favorable financial returns. Artworks can be procured from galleries, artists, art fairs, or auctions. The pursuit of art investment holds promise, provided it's executed with prudence and precision.

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