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Self-publishing house publishes 3,333 unique items THE WORLD OF ART  
The Most Valuable & Expensive Works of Art in the World

Since 2005 Reinhard Fuchs has been working out a price index for the most prestigious works of art in the world. This is followed by collaborations in Belarus and commissions from and for art collectors in Europe and overseas. In 2010 the edition Women in Art is published and in 2021 "THE WORLD OF ART - The most valuable and expensive works of art in the world" is published by Fuerstenweg GmbH. 
2022 the site is launched and also the first NFT token under the series WORLD OF ART is "minted"...

Balthasar van der Ast (1593-1657), Netherlands in the book on page 89 image No. 63
Flowers, shells and insects on a stone ledge, c. 1635 ·
Oil on panel, 23,8 x 34,5 cm · Private Collection © ARTOTHEK · USD 25,000,000


€ 32,500,000

Town-House Salzburg


Strictly discreet object offer.
You will be pleased to receive a large amount of information on the basis of a credit assessment.

€ 8,6 mn

4,7 hectar - € 180.-/sqm

4-star Superior-Hotel
as an all-year-round operation
in the Upper-Bavarian municipality of Inzell

Approx. half of the 4.7 ha green plot will be available for the planned hotel project. The property is located in the direct vicinity of the existing hotel industry, the center can be reached easily within walking distance. The Air & Public Baths of the Climatic Spa Inzell are located in the very near neighbourhood.
The possible development: a hotel project within the upper 4-star-range with a clear positioning as a family hotel with 100 rooms, each with 3-4 beds per room all in one building. The district of Traunstein and / or the destination Chiemgau have developed quite positively in tourism in recent years with increasing numbers of guests and a slightly increasing amount of overnight accommo-dation. Each year, known for the speed-skating, the holiday resort Inzell nearly counts 600,000 guests nights. In the opinion of experts the hotel offer in the city is too small.
"Fresh Nature & Recreation are the Superscripts for Inzell"...

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